Comprehensive Hybrid IT Discovery, Documentation and Inventory and Asset Management for Cloud Migration

Comprehensively discover and manage hybrid IT assets. Start your IT modernization with confidence by easily identifying workloads, load balancers and applications. Agentlessly and automatically map dependencies. Capture and report on resource utilization data to right size instances for the cloud. Get your cloud modernization journey back on track with Device42 today!

Top Features

  • Automated Data Center Management

    Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual drawings which are, at best, inefficient and quickly outdated. Device42 auto-generates accurate infrastructure and inter-dependency diagrams making data center management faster, easier, and more accurate.

  • Transform IT Anarchy into IT Organization

    Access real-time configuration data to understand where resources are and how those resources are being consumed. Support future capacity and growth planning.

  • Dramatically Reduce Data Entry

    Increase data center staff productivity. By minimizing or eliminating redundant and low-value data entry, IT staff can spend more time on high-value business initiatives.

  • Enhance IT Service Management

    Device42 integrates with many popular 3rd-party tools and imports from almost anywhere!

  • Effectively Manage Asset Life Cycles

    Make the most out of your budget. Track software and support entitlements, and full hardware asset life cycles.

  • Know Exactly What is Running, and Where, with Deep Application Mapping

    Powerful application mapping tools relate auto-discovered data from various sources and create dependency flow diagrams and impact charts to help IT managers visualize their entire IT Estate.

  • Comprehensive IT Infrastructure & Asset Management

    Device42's feature-packed CMDB provides a single source of truth to identify and manage all configuration items and asset life cycles.

  • Device42 Makes Cloud Migrations Easier

    Discover interdependency information in concert with resource utilization features to right-size move groups to target cloud instances.


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