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Enhance employee communications

Enhance employee communications

Search all your content across all your accounts, with one, powerful search. Quickly bring people together, discuss ideas, share information, assign tasks and track team progress, so you can focus on getting work done.


Top Features

  • Unified search across multiple accounts

    Full-text search across 40+ cloud apps. AppSmart Search refines your search as you type, to help you drill into individual apps or look for documents or presentations, wherever they are.

  • Get a personal perspective across all your content

    Build and save complex filters from service, content type, date range combinations. Get powerful 'proximity searches' used by legal professionals, or simply refine by author, title or document type.

  • Boost productivity by minimizing context switching

    Conveniently preview documents, presentations and more without leaving your search.

  • Stay on top of developments across your company

    Don't worry about missing critical project updates, or new information about customer prospects. Get pro-actively emailed when your connected accounts are updated about topics you're tracking. You can even cc a group email list or an assistant to feed into company workflows.

  • Secured and integrated with your company

    Works seamlessly with your existing security and Identity and Access Management infrastructure and is pre-integrated with AppDirect, Okta, OneLogin and support SAML 2.0.

  • Work Smarter not Harder

    Utilize the AppSmart Messenger business collaboration tools to optimize project management.

  • Solve Problems

    Solve problems faster with team groups that assemble the right people and information.

  • Accelerate Conversations

    Accelerate conversations with easy sharing of past team discussions.

  • Unified Search

    Search all your content across all your accounts, with one, powerful search. Save time gathering information and re-using presentations, documents and templates that have already been created inside your company.


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