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A commissions platform designed for today's workforce

CaptivateIQ empowers customer-facing teams with clarity into their compensation plans so people can work smarter. Increase team productivity and alignment with an automated solution that adds transparency back to the commission process. Connect to any commission data source to start pulling in your important data. Then automate the entire process by setting a schedule that works for you.

Top Features

  • Data Integrations

    Bring your various data sources under one roof to power fast, real-time calculations, every time. CaptivateIQ can connect to any system including Salesforce, Snowflake, NetSuite, and more.

  • Compensation Management

    Build, preview, and run commission plans with the familiarity of spreadsheets and the power of automation. If you can think it, you can build it with 100% accuracy and flexibility.

  • Reporting

    Grow your earning potential with insights that shed light on individual, team, and company performance. Customize any report without off-the-shelf templates.

  • Collaboration

    Manage pay disputes, approvals, and new plan agreements all from one place. CaptivateIQ streamline the back and forth so teams get more time back in their day to do real work.


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