Bitdefender - Cloud Security for Endpoints by AppSmart

Protects systems using security technology

Number-one-ranked security

Bitdefender scanning technologies incorporate a range of novel, cutting-edge system protection technologies and techniques. All Bitdefender solutions include B-HAVE, a patent-pending technology which analyzes the behavior of potentially malicious codes inside a secure virtual computer environment, eliminating false positives and significantly increasing detection rates for new and unknown malware.

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Top Features

Best Protection and Best Performance. Consistently.

Zero-day and ransomware attacks such as WannaCry have wreaked havoc, eluding virtually all AV/endpoint security and so called ‘next-gen’ solutions, except for Bitdefender.

Security that adapts to the needs of organizations

Whether your organization has a single office, geographically distant sites, or a remote workforce, Cloud Security for Endpoints provides full visibility over the current security posture and threat landscape.

Optimized to minimize the network traffic

Once deployed on the fi rst endpoint, Cloud Security for Endpoint will automatically identify the remaining endpoints within the network through the intelligent network discovery feature. Visibility within the organization’s network facilitates the deployment of all unprotected endpoints within the local network, thus reducing the impact on the network traffic.

Advanced protection through proactive detection

Bitdefender provides organizations with multiple levels of advanced protection: Antivirus, Antispyware, Antiphishing, Trojan / Rootkit detection and a fully featured two-way personal Firewall with intrusion detection. Remotely confi gurable security policies are defi ned to control user access to local applications, blocked websites, or set time limits for Internet usage, out of productivity and security reasons.

The By AppSmart advantage

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Cloud Management Suite included with By AppSmart

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