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You Can't Improve What You Don't Measure

You Can't Improve What You Don't Measure

Prodoscore provides a simple score to improve your sales process, machine learning for discovering new opportunities, and personalized consulting to help you reach the full potential of your software and sales team.

With By AppSmart, your organization gets the most out of your cloud applications.

- Greater ROI through increased usage enabled by our dedicated team of Cloud Success Specialists.

- All-inclusive premium support the way you want it. Call, chat, email or schedule a time.

- Truly unlimited support for end-users and admins.

- On-demand operational guidance ensures your team has the resources they need to leverage each application to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency.

- Cloud Management Suite included.

$360.00 /Year

Top Features

  • Quickly Know Productivity with a Single Score

    Prodoscore presents one number as a calculated score of overall productivity, making it fast and easy for sales professionals and managers to understand team performance.

  • Manage Performance in Real-Time

    Use Prodoscore to set automated activity alerts when employee activity drops below a threshold or historical average to proactively address issues sooner versus later.

  • Better Understand Capacity Limits of Employees

    Overwhelmed employees can impact the bottom line. It’s important to stay on top of employee workloads to make sure they’re busy, but not so busy that their work suffers. The metrics provided by Prodoscore help identify if scaling up staffing is needed.

  • Improve ROI with Greater Application Adoption

    Productivity platforms such as G Suite, CRM, and integrated phone systems represent significant investments that often fail due to lack of adoption. Prodoscore offers insight into usage to identify where to focus efforts on driving greater adoption.

  • Easily See Behavior Patterns

    Identify patterns to understand behaviors that lead to higher performance by evaluating both high performers and those who could do better.

  • Better Manage a Remote Workforce

    Hire and manage remote workers with greater visibility into their workday activities to ensure they are being productive.

  • Support HR Performance Requirements

    Automatically create productivity logs for employee records and performance reviews.

  • Performance Trends

    Use Prodoscore to proactively identify employees at risk of churning to better retain top employees and to save the hefty costs of turnover.

  • Improve Employee Training

    Good training is crucial for a new employee to be successful. The typical timeframe for identifying a failed on-boarding is several months. Compress this period down to weeks by identifying and addressing training issues faster with Prodoscore. Examples of training opportunities for improvement include identifying poor email messaging, checking on improper call times and cadence, and reviewing too many or too few appointments set.

  • Add Gamification to Drive Employee Productivity

    Many of us are competitive - especially those engaged in a sales profession. Employee Prodoscores can be used to gamify productivity and output across teams. Since analytics are easy to see and understand, competitive metrics can be readily captured and used to encourage exceptional performance, driving activities that deliver to the bottom line.

  • The By AppSmart advantage

    With By AppSmart, your organization gets the most out of your cloud applications.

  • Cloud Management Suite included with By AppSmart

    Your all-in-one cloud management solution.


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